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Get Ready for Holy Week

How can we celebrate Holy Week in our homes?

Put up a 'This is Holy Week' poster.
Download a 'This is Holy Week' poster. Fold the bottom section ('He is Risen') so that it can't be seen and put it in your front window on Palm Sunday. When Easter comes fold down the bottom section to give people the good news.

Holy Week Services from Southwell and Nottingham Diocese
Details of services from the Diocese and Minster can be found here. Join in from the diocesan website. Fr Tom will be joining in the Service for the Renewal of Commitment to Ministry on Wednesday evening as he does every year.

Holy, Week and Easter suggestions from the Church of England are here.

Palm Sunday
Our Palm Sunday service will go online at 10.30 on Sunday, 5th April. Regular features of our service include remembering Jesus' entry into Jerusalem and the dramatic reading of the Passion Gospel. We can't have a Palm Procession, but we can make our own Palm Crosses. Search the internet for 'Make a Palm Cross', or look at this page or this one. Unfortunately we can't supply you with palm leaves any more than we can hand out palm crosses, but you may find suitable material in your garden or you could use strips of paper.

Maundy Thursday
Traditionally we share communion on this evening. In some places this is part of a meal, or we wash feet. Afterwards we watch with Jesus. Could you time your evening meal to include our service? It will go online at 7.00. Perhaps you can make a space where you can watch with Jesus. He prayed in the Garden of Gethsemane. Can you bring in flowers and foliage to create your own garden? We can't wash feet, but you may be able to think of a particular act of service you can do on this day.

Good Friday
We will share Stations of the Cross online today.
The traditional service in the afternoon (online at 2.00) includes the Passion According to John, and the Veneration of the Cross. Do you have a cross that you can place in a prominent position? Or you may want to construct a rough cross. Traditionally the cross is unveiled during the service. Maybe you could start with your cross covered in a cloth and unveil it during this part of the service.

Easter Day

Traditionally the celebration begins with the Easter Vigil, when we light the Paschal Candle from the Easter fire. Can you find a large candle with a candlestick to be your Easter Candle this year? Can you find a way to decorate it?  The traditional design includes a cross, Alpha ( Α ) and Omega (Ω), and the year (with the digits in the corners of the cross). 
Can you construct an Easter Garden? Send us your photos.
We won't have a Vigil service, although some of the online service may be recorded in the dark. If there was ever a day for us all being together at the same time, this must be it. Try and join us all as our service goes online at 10.30

You may have other ideas for bringing the traditional celebration of Holy Week into our homes. Do share them.