Benefice of Keyworth, Stanton and Bunny

Update 1-4-20

I hope everyone is getting on OK. You will probably know that our congregations haven’t escaped without some illness. No doubt there will be more of it, and we must all continue to do all that we can to keep safe. If anything we should do our best to be more cautious that advised. In this house all post and deliveries are put in quarantine for several days. Shuffling safe and quarantined items around the freezer drawers is a complex exercise!

This afternoon I conducted a funeral at Wilford Hill; it’s all a little different. All but 15 chairs have been removed from the chapel and those that are left are spread out two metres apart. We were conscious of people who would have liked to be there but couldn’t.

We’ve been continuing to provide our online services and these have included a live Thanksgiving for the Gift of a Child. We were due to have a baptism at our benefice service on Sunday. Instead family and friends all gathered using Zoom (normally used for video conferencing), and 25 people joined in the service from their homes. It was lovely to see the people who had decided that they were going to dress up specially.

And we’re going to try Zoom again on Sunday morning. You are invited to virtual coffee! Instead of our regular practice we’re going to have coffee before the service starts (goes online), so do join me via Zoom at 10.00 on Sunday. Contact me for an invitation.

This is also a reminder that in our modern world there are lots of ways to keep in touch. Follow this link for some suggestions. You probably have the technology to see your friends as well as talk to them, so give it a go.

God bless, Fr Tom